Bare-Bones Backpacking

During the weeks before and after my exams at Trinity, I took two separate backpacking trips to mainland Europe. Largely dictated by the small budget I had, I found the experience of minimalistic traveling exhilarating and a welcome challenge. I often found myself contemplating the boxes of things sitting in my closet back in Arkansas, […]

Finding That Silver Lining

Not everything will go as planned, especially when you travel. Spur of the moment backup plans can be more than necessary, and one must always remember the Spanish motto: “no pasa nada.” On a small group trip to Portugal, the hostel accidentally got booked for the wrong night, so we showed up with no place […]

Passing through Porto

The Aspire by API students studying in Salamanca this summer recently took a weekend excursion to Portugal!  While there, they relaxed on the beach and checked out the boardwalk.  They also tried some local food, and explored the cities of Porto and Aveiro.  Check out some of the photos below!           […]

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