Photo Essay: All Smiles in Salamanca

Aspire students had a blast this summer in Salamanca, Spain.  They lived the Spanish way of life for a month: from cooking and eating authentic paella, to catching some waves up in Santander, and even learning how to dance the salsa!   Wondering what it all looked like?  Here are just a few amazing memories from […]

Photo Essay: Summertime in Paris

Our students in Paris have had a busy couple of weeks.  They’ve tried new foods, visited beautiful historical landmarks, and taken in the sights, the sounds, and the scents of France (fresh baguette, anyone?).  They’ve toured the chic arrondissements of Paris, and traveled to the quaint Norman towns of St. Malo and Deauville.  They’ve seen […]

Photo Essay: Pura Vida and Volunteering

Volunteering while going abroad is an incredibly rewarding way to travel, and that’s exactly what our students did during this summer’s Community Service Trip to Costa Rica.  As they traveled around the country, they stopped to help out at local schools, farms, and environmental groups.  Here are a few shots from their program to give […]

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