Bienvenidos a España… [API Blog]

I have been talking about studying abroad my whole life; it is something I have always dreamed of. It seems like yesterday I was six years old listening to the stories of my mom studying abroad in London, England. After two of my cousins studied abroad in Spain, I knew that is where I was going.

4 Days, 5 Cities, and 50 Miles of Walking

After months of planning and anticipation, I finally landed in Spain on Sunday morning I have been on the move ever since! I am traveling with the study abroad program API, and they arranged a tour of several Spanish cities for our first week. We started in Madrid and stayed two nights in Puerta del […]

First Weekend in London

The past few days have been a whirlwind. On the morning of July 2nd, my parents drove me up to Vancouver where I would be flying out of to London to begin my study abroad experience. I had spent the days leading up to that frantically racing around my apartment, worrying that I would forget […]

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