Czech into Prague

For students studying abroad in Europe, Bus2Alps is a popular travel agency to go through for pre-planned trips. Whether it’s a getaway day, weekend or week-long adventure, the itineraries are set to give students a safe and cheap way to experience multiple European countries. The company organizes your travel, overnight accommodations and various guided tours. […]

Spontaneous in Sperlonga

This past weekend four students and I decided to spontaneously travel to any city we could cost effectively reach via train from Rome. We woke up Friday morning and found ourselves buying tickets for the next train to Sperlonga Italy, roughly one hour down the coast between Rome and Naples. Through Airbnb we booked our […]

Embrace the Process

Nobody can prepare you for the experience you are about to embark on. The tips and tricks, research, and outside advice can only take you so far. Every journey has something to offer but your attitude and perception will ultimately be the telltale of your outcome. The biggest takeaway is that these moments are yours […]


I realize that I said I wanted to post every day, but I also at one time said I wanted to be a garbage man when I grew up. You know how you meet those people that you just don’t vibe with and in fact can’t stand to be around? I haven’t met a single […]

Prepare To Walk!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my time in Europe, particularly in Dubrovnik and in Rome this past weekend (thank you, API!), it’s that Americans need to be prepared for walking. And I don’t mean just down to the local food market for groceries or for the occasions of sightseeing. I mean be prepared […]

Dubrovnik’s Laid-Back Culture

As an Oklahoman, I’m used to living in a culture that frowns on the “fast lane.” As a country-singer once remarked, “We may live our lives a little slower.” But compared to Dubrovnik, even Oklahoma looks like New York City in terms of speed. Natives of Dubrovnik, I’ve come to learn, are among the most […]

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