Intern Spotlight: Justine

This intern spotlight is on Justine Lockhart from the University of North Carolina at Ashville. Justine is a psychology major who is currently interning abroad in Melbourne, Australia. Which company are you an intern for? Describe your typical day at work. What are you currently working on? I am interning at Monash Special Developmental School. This […]

Study Abroad in Melbourne: Bella

Bella Mazza studied abroad in Melbourne, Australia at La Trobe University from her home university; Lesley University. Bella had this to say about her experience at La Trobe, in Melbourne and with API: “My time at La Trobe has been a very positive and rewarding experience. I love the atmosphere and the size of the […]

Summer in Australia

On the coldest of winter days, an escape to somewhere a little warmer is always a tempting idea. We’ve all daydreamed while scraping snow off the car, about turning in the snowsuit for a swimsuit. Stateside, December 21st-March 20th, or Winter, means chillier temperatures and the onset of those cold-weather activities. During that same time period, […]

Accepted to La Trobe University: Share your story!

Are you headed down under for the Spring semester? First off, CONGRATULATIONS! Share that excitement, anticipation and inevitable “accepted selfie” with us! Upon acceptance to La Trobe University, snap a quick selfie and share it via instagram or twitter to win prizes from La Trobe University (your future home!) and API. You can find us […]

Australia’s food capital is much more than that!

This Melbourne insight comes to us from API Resident Director, Axell. You can learn more about Axell here, and more about a study abroad program in Melbourne at La Trobe University here. As Australia’s most culturally diverse city, where more than a quarter of its population was born overseas, coming from 200 different countries and […]

Picture Yourself in Australia!: Snapchat Contest

ICYMI, you have one more day to get in on our snapchat-selfie contest to win some La Trobe University  prizes! What do you have to do? Take a selfie. via GIPHY 2.  Transform that selfie via drawing, stickers, words… anything to place yourself in an Australian scene 3.  Snap it to us at snapiabroad OR if […]

Get to Know the API Family- Intervew With Axell

We had the opportunity to interview Melbourne, Australia Resident Director, Axell. Axell is from Mexico City, Mexico, and studied abroad in Sydney, Australia. His educational background is in pharmaceutical chemistry from The National Autonomous University of Mexico, and he earned his Master of Biotechnology from the University of Melbourne. Axell loves Indian culture, foods, and languages, and […]

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