5 can’t miss experiences as an API Beijing Student

By Megan Lee If you’re looking to add a little more local flavor to your Beijing touring bucket list, you’ve come to the right place. Beyond weekends traversing the Great Wall and afternoons exploring the Forbidden City, there are many hidden treasures in the Chinese capital. When you’re ready to xiuxi (relax) after all that […]

The 6 Types of People Youโ€™ll Meet in Your Chinese Language Class

  When you’re preparing to study abroad in China, you’re likely musing over all of the adventures you’ll have and the people you meet (and all the Chinese you’ll learn). Have you ever thought seriously about all the people you’ll be able to call classmates while studying Chinese in China? We’ve decided to write an […]

4 Biggest Fears of Studying in China

Does the idea of studying abroad in China sound enticing to you? Is your interest piqued at the thought of slurping noodles and improving your Mandarin language skills? Do you daydream of taking photos of Shanghai’s infamous bund or the windy Great Wall in the mountains? WAHOO! These are all fantastic things, and you’re drawn […]

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