4 Days, 5 Cities, and 50 Miles of Walking

After months of planning and anticipation, I finally landed in Spain on Sunday morning I have been on the move ever since! I am traveling with the study abroad program API, and they arranged a tour of several Spanish cities for our first week. We started in Madrid and stayed two nights in Puerta del […]

Gracias Por Ser Un Amigo

It’s raining here in Bergenfield, NJ and I just got done with a small lunch at noon. Clearly, I am no longer in Madrid. It’s been almost 5 months since I felt like this: Now, it’s the last post. If I go by the book, I should write a mesmerizing passage that paints a beautiful […]

Spanish Sports: More than just a ‘GOOOAL!’

Back in the states I am a sportscaster. It would be a gross injustice if I didn’t have a single blog post on sporting life here in Madrid. I move from the pitch, to the clay, to the…rivers? Read on as I give you a small take on what to expect from the competitive adrenaline […]

One Way: Why I Chose to Learn Spanish

Look, I get it. I know why the subjunctive tense is…complicated…at least until you learn it. It’s easy to feel we only need English in our lives. I was there. I hated, and I mean HATED Spanish class growing up. And now I’m studying the language in Spain. So what happened? Read on. BANG! I […]

When All Goes Wrong, Don’t Let It

“You should study abroad,” they said. “You’ll see amazing places,” they said. “You’ll make brand new friends,” they said. True…but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, things go wrong when studying abroad. We get mad because we have this dream of our time away being a wonderful oasis of grand moments with fantastic people. It […]

Sects, Drums, and Rock and Roll

The two weeks leading up to spring break left me with a ton of work. “Demasiado” is the word I would use in Spanish. In truth, the work was a lot, but only because I’d be away for two weekends…exploring other countries. (Boo-hoo Brian. It’s a rough life.) Rome Rome is a great weekend city […]

7 Ways to Actually Study Abroad

(In as ironic a tone as possible) “Guys we’re here to study abroad not party abroad.” –James Randolph Although we are joking, there exists the very present issue of learning a language abroad. News flash: with technology, American restaurants, and other priorities…you will not be immersed. We use the Internet in English, we talk to […]

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