Movement, Baby! [API Blog]

Nothing could prepare me for the anxiety I felt as I was on my way to live in a different country by myself for the first time. But as I settled into my seat, what helped me was thinking about what I’d been told: “You are brave.”

My Internship Abroad in Lisbon [API Intern Profile]

Today’s blog post comes to us from University of North Carolina at Charlotte student Christopher Dymond! He’s doing an internship abroad with API in Lisbon, Portugal. If you’re interested in adding global experience to your resume, applications for some of our spring 2020 internship placements are due September 1st! “I am completing my internship at […]

Madrid to Lisbon – API Blog

Today’s blog post is by Bard College student & API blogger Paola Luchsinger! She’s studying abroad with us in Madrid, Spain. Itโ€™s been one month exactly since I arrived in Madrid but it feels like Iโ€™ve been here so much longer. Iโ€™ve been so busy and time has been flying by. After the hecticness of […]

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