Barcelona Day 1

After a rare, filling breakfast, we made our way to Sagrada Familia, Barcelona’s most famous cathedral, and for good reason. The building is massive. Around it, there are no trees or obstructing buildings, so you can see the whole size of the building (which bears resemblance to a lair from a video game). The line […]

Just an Illusion

My hair whipped wildly around me, my curls twisting against the Irish wind. The ocean stretched out lazily amidst the afternoon sun, and the enormous, jagged cliffs met the sea proudly. My hands grip the railing tighter as my chest swells with each breath of chilly air, and it hits me. It nearly doesn’t feel […]

Keep Calm Catalonia is not Spain

This weekend my friends and I hopped on a plane to Barcelona. It’s funny how nonchalantly I can say that now. In the U.S., taking a plane anywhere was a big deal for me, but now it has become a very common occurrence. However, all these weekend destinations are anything but common. Every weekend, I […]

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