How I Am Back In Seville Already

How I am back in Seville already… completely on my own this time! I studied abroad in Seville, Spain the fall 2013 semester and absolutely fell in love. I made a promise to myself as I stood along the river (pretty depressed) on my last day that I would be back soon and I actually […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad in Cuba NOW

Wait, you’re in Cuba?! Isn’t that like a Communist country? Why would you ever go there? These were the typical questions I was asked before coming to Havana for the spring semester. The reasons I give don’t always convince people of what an amazing place Cuba is to study abroad, so hopefully the following will […]

So What’s It Really Like Studying in Cuba?

As the semester comes to an end, the thinking back and reflecting have begun. My dad just came and visited me and he, like everyone else at home, has tons of questions about my life here and what it is like to surpass the “tourist experience” and live as close to the Cuban lifestyle as possible. […]

Residencia Life

Living in a residencia (residence house) is something I have never done before and I did not know what to expect whatsoever. I thought it would just be the 8 of us from API in a house but there are about 30 kids in the house and another 15 or so that live in houses […]

But How Do I Check my Email, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter???

Not having internet is probably one of the best parts of living in Cuba. Before coming, I thought it would be so hard not having Wi-Fi in the house and not having data services on my phone. After a week though, I realized that it is actually so liberating. I don’t feel the need to […]

Mmmmm No Entiendo…

I have been in Cuba for exactly a month now and reflecting back on my first few days, I realize how much more comfortable I feel here after just a month. I feel more confident talking to new people, walking around by myself, going to the university, getting taxis, etc. However, one thing I am […]

This Is What 2 Weeks In Cuba Looks Like

Well, two weeks have passed and so much has already happened.  We have all survived the initial culture shock and a little bit (okay, a LOT) of confusion, but are growing to love life here in Havana. We have moved into our residencia (residence), had all of our orientations, started classes as the university, started exploring […]

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