Does taking a gap year make sense financially? Especially in THIS economy? Well, yeah.

Let’s face it:  money plays a big part in your gap year decision.  It should—the Great Recession may technically be over, but times are a still tough.  And all this talk in Washington about the national debt ceiling has got a lot of us thinking about our own personal debt ceilings.  Is taking a year […]

Have you made plans for school in the fall?

Why not take a gap year or gap semester with Aspire by API? Fall/Year deadlines are extended! Grenoble: Intensive French Language Program Paris: French Language & Culture Program Fall/Year deadline: May 25, 2011 Cork: National University of Ireland Limerick: University of Limerick Fall/Year deadline: May 25, 2011 Rome: Super-Intensive Italian Program Rome: Free Elective Program Fall/Year deadline: […]

#studyabroad as a marketable asset

By Rachael Boggia Rachael studied with API in Cork, Ireland during the fall 2009 term, and is currently serving as an API Peer Mentor at Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire.   Study abroad is a marketable experience to employers because the skills learned abroad make one more adaptable and stronger in a professional environment. […]

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