Husson University Goes to Ireland: Student Series

We connected with a group of Husson University students from Maine. In addition to their alma mater, they also all share the same study abroad host country! However, they have each chosen a different city within Ireland to call home. We will share interviews with each student over the coming weeks. Up first we have, […]

Favorite Places in Ireland

This post comes to us from Jenna Gibson from Millsaps College who is currently studying abroad in Limerick, Ireland. When I decided that I would do the API University of Limerick program, my initial reasons for choosing Ireland were the academics and the language. Since I’ve been here, though, I realized how great of a […]

Saying Goodbye to Dublin- Briana’s Story

This post comes to us from Briana Flaherty who studied abroad in Dublin, Ireland at Maynooth University from the University of Massachusetts. This post was originally published on her blog that you can follow here.  Well… I knew this time would eventually come. I never knew how hard it can be to say goodbye. I found […]

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