API Hits the Road: Coming to a Campus Near You!

API is hitting the road this month, visiting colleges, universities and high schools across the country to talk about our study abroad, intern abroad, high school, gap year, work, teach, and volunteer abroad programs! Come say hi to API! Thursday, January 11, 2018 Conard High School, High School and Gap Year Fair  Saturday, January 13, 2018 […]

Cultural Experiences: A Haitian Mass

This post comes from Mikayla Walters from the University of South Alabama. Mikayla is a Chemical Engineering Major who interned in Santiago, Chile. Recently, I took part in a very unique cultural experience.  Brianna, the other API intern that lives with my host family, works at the Centro Universitario Ignaciano (CUI), a program of the Universidad […]

Reflections on Growth: Mikayla in Chile

This post comes from Mikayla Walters from the University of South Alabama. Mikayla is a Chemical Engineering Major who interned abroad in Santiago, Chile. Greetings from Mobile, Alabama!  I have now been back in the U.S. for a week and a half, so I have had plenty of time to reflect on my experience and gather […]

Meet your Resident Director in Chile!

Meet your Resident Director in Chile! Claudia, born in in the city of Santiago, is the primary source of support for API students, volunteers and interns in Chile. Feel free to explore API volunteer or academic opportunities in Chile. Will Claudia be your Resident Director abroad? What is your experience living abroad? I spent 8 […]

There’s Still Time to Intern Abroad: Deadline Extensions!

Great news! There is still time to get that Intern Abroad application in! The deadline for the 8-Week Fixed Date Internship programs for the following locations has been extended until October 1st, 2017! Argentina: https://www.apistudyabroad.com/intern/destinations/argentina/ Australia: https://www.apistudyabroad.com/intern/destinations/australia/ Chile: https://www.apistudyabroad.com/intern/destinations/chile/ Ireland: https://www.apistudyabroad.com/intern/destinations/ireland/ New Zealand: https://www.apistudyabroad.com/intern/destinations/new-zealand/ Spain: https://www.apistudyabroad.com/intern/destinations/spain/ Why limit yourself to interning locally when you can […]

Deadlines Approaching- Intern Abroad Programs!

The deadline for the Spring Session 8-Week Fixed Date Internship Program is fast approaching: September 1st, 2017… so get those applications in today and start the process! The Spring 8-Week Fixed Date Internship Program would run from January 10th 2018- March 10th, 2018. Placements are available in multiple locations and in various fields! You can learn […]

Intern Profile: Emily

This intern spotlight is on Emily Kuhn from Clemson University. Emily is a Management major with an interest in health sciences, who is currently interning abroad in Barcelona, Spain. Which company are you an intern for? Describe your typical day at work. What are you currently working on?  I am working for Robbie AI! They are […]

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