Muchísimas Gracias

Well, the fourth Thursday in November came and went, and no, I didn’t wake up to a giant Snoopy parading down Sixth Avenue in New York, the smell of sausage biscuits getting golden in the oven, vibrant foliage fallen outside my window, or that sentimental holiday atmosphere I’ve come to cherish at home with my […]

A Different Kind of Transition: Advice From The Girl Who’s Already Abroad

The time is almost upon us.  Hundreds of students in the USA are preparing to leave the country for a semester abroad with API, with another study abroad program, or for an exchange program.  They’re experiencing a mix of emotions, ranging from excitement to nervousness and fear as they struggle to decide what to pack […]

Dancing Fools and Speed Dating (Sevillano Style!)

My first partner for learning the Sevillano was actually a girl from Seville so, depending on how you look at it, I was either starting out at a great advantage or with a giant handicap. On the one hand, she helped me move a little more naturally and did most (or all) of the work […]

Branching Out

When in a new place, especially somewhere where English is not the language, it is very tempting to just stick around with other Americans or even other international students from English speaking countries because it’s comfortable.  As difficult as it is to break the habit, it is necessary, especially if you want to get the […]

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