3 Countries in 8 Days

After turning in two papers and taking two midterms in the same week, I was dying for a break. Luckily, my spring break was just around the corner. I decided to take advantage of this week-long vacation and travel to three different cities in 8 days: London, Vienna, and Budapest! LONDON I visited London almost […]

Have I Done Enough Traveling?

Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Barcelona, oh my! These are all the cities I visited during my fall break. Add those to Rome, Munich, Cinque Terre, Pisa, Venice, Verona, Bologna, Budapest, Vienna, Prague this weekend and then another trip to Rome the weekend after, and my semester’s travels will have successfully concluded! It’s been an unreal […]

When The Shoe Fits…

Before traveling abroad or even deciding where I wanted to travel abroad, everyone I met had advice and stereotypes they had to share with me. Some friends who have previously studied abroad told me it would be the best time of my life. Some professors argued that it was “party abroad,” where students travel to […]

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