First Impressions of Barcelona

It was finally Sunday, August 30th and that meant it was time to leave for abroad! After endless countdowns, hours of packing, traveling, and excitement leading up to Barcelona, I arrived – overtired and jet lagged, as expected (and shoutout to the guy at Delta who let both my overweight bags slide – 52 pounds […]

The Halfway Point

Flashback to two weeks ago when I boarded a plane for the very first time. I was a nineteen year old girl from rural New Hampshire without any worldly experience beside a trip to New York City. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of me hyperventilating with excitement during takeoff, but I did get somewhere […]

Home Away From Home

Studying and living in a foreign country is exciting, but it can also sometimes be a little intimidating or overwhelming.  Having the right home abroad is an amazing way to help alleviate those feelings.  For me, living with a host family was the perfect housing choice, but for some students, residencias are the right choice. […]

Why I’m Living With A Spanish Host Family

Kerianne Baylor is a student at Marist College and an official API Student Blogger. Kerianne is studying abroad with API in Madrid, Spain. I chose to live with a host family to force myself to speak Spanish and truly learn the language. I am not of Spanish descent nor am I required to speak Spanish on a […]

Home Away From Home

Tyler Wigington is a a student at Texas A&M University and an official API Student Blogger. Tyler is studying abroad with API this spring in Madrid, Spain. After deciding to study abroad in Madrid, I had to select my housing preference.  I had three choices: live with a host family, live in a residencia (a dorm […]

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