Kilts and Frites

In the spirit of mixing it up, I’ve chosen a new café to write in again. This time it’s Sister Sadie, right down the road from me on South Circular Road. The space is absolutely buzzing on a Saturday, and seems more like the place to jump-start your senses for the day than a writer’s […]

Weekend Excursions

Two months is long enough in a new place to feel like you are finally living there. Things start to become routine and the place where you are staying starts to feel like home. Although this is a great thing for people who like some routine in their lives, it’s hard because it makes you […]

A Trip To Guatemala

¨I feel as though the cardboard box of my own reality has been flattened and blown open. Now I can see the edge of the world.¨ – Tom Hiddleston Buenos from Guatemala! I have now been in Guatemala on a short trip to visit my friend Iris who studied abroad at my school last year. […]

A Weekend In Paris

Over the last weekend I went on a trip to Paris with my roommates. I was excited, but not sure what to expect. I have about two years of high school French under my belt, the majority of which I forgot. While I had enough to get by while I was there, I remembered about […]

There and Back Again- Not a Hobbit’s Tale

As some of you may know, my feet have been to a few different countries in the past few weeks. Two Sundays ago, I embarked on a 10-day backpacking trip to Prague, Vienna and Budapest. I did not bring my computer because I was only taking the essentials, so keeping a blog during my travels […]

Finding Friendly Hostels

When studying abroad, it seems to be generally accepted that one should do a certain amount of travelling to supplement the experience. With API some of that is taken care of by group excursions, like the two we took to Cadiz and San Jose. However, that still leaves a number of free weekends or days […]

Hostels > Hotels

For study abroad students, that is. And there are several reasons why. Before you are so quick to revert to being anti-hostel, whether this attitude is rooted in your own personal, bad experiences or negative feedback from others, hear me out. I believe that as a study abroad student, hostels are the way to go […]

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