Reflections on Tutoring in Italy – API Blog

Today’s post comes to us from API alumni Brynn Trevizo! She spent the summer living with a host family in Italy and tutoring their daughter. I’m writing this post three months after I returned to the United States. I’ve been able to take a lot of time to reflect and look back on my time […]

API Blog – Reasons to Live With a Host Family: A Home Away From Home

Today’s post comes to us from student blogger Tera Cafro, a Pacific University student who is studying at the Universidad de Sevilla this semester. She’s living with a host family and sharing what the day-to-day is like with her “host mom”! I have been studying abroad at Universidad de Sevilla in Spain. I have only […]

Living with a Host Family

Choosing a living situation plays a big part in the study abroad experience. Based on advice from other friends who had studied abroad in Spain, I decided to live with a host family. This one is for anyone interested in how it’s going so far for me or for anyone who wants guidance on living situations […]

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