5 Tips to Improve Homesickness

Homesickness: something that I assume most people studying abroad feel at some point. I always thought that it had to do with how long you’ve been away from home. I’m now realizing that it more so has to do with how long you will be away from home. 3 weeks is not so bad, but […]

No One Wants To Talk About Homesickness

No one wants to talk about homesickness. We avoid the subject because it feels misleading. It creates an impression that we are not having the time of our lives. We are. It sneaks up on you, lightning on a sunny summer day. There’s no real way to describe it—only to experience the shock that comes […]

The Importance of Being Uncertain

I come to you today, dear readers, from my latest discovery: Oolong Flower Power. Think the most comforting room in your grandmother’s house, and then add the lingering, delicate smell of hundreds of jarred tea leaves racked up against the walls and the sound of unobtrusive chillstep music in the background. They have a plethora […]

Redrawing Your Path

The one thing you will never accurately read on a study abroad blog is a testimonial about how easy it is. The choice to pick yourself up and find a second home in a foreign environment is akin to pulling a seedling plant from the soil and placing it in a rockier part of a […]

4,321 Miles Away From Home

It’s only my fourth day into my 16 weeks here in Europe and I already feel like I never want to leave. There’s so much to talk about but I’m going to start with my first real Italian coffee. Sitting across from the Altare della Patria monument right in the heart of Rome, I drank […]

Bike Rides, Nachos and Pastries A weekend in Valencia- aka the time I ate an ENTIRE plate of nachos in ten minutes

“There it is,” I thought to myself, “the holy grail. At least what they believe to be the holy grail.” Here I was standing in a beautiful cathedral, starring at a brightly lit holy grail hidden behind glass in a small stone room. Who would have known that such an object could be found in […]

Beating the Study Abroad Blues

When you decide to study abroad, you will be faced with many orientations designed to prepare you for the inevitability of culture shock and homesickness. One of the most helpful parts of the orientations was this graph, which helps give a visual for the stages of culture shock you will encounter during your time abroad: […]

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