Overcoming Struggles Abroad

Today’s blog post comes to us from University of New Hampshire student & #APIabroad alumni Megan Ross. She studied abroad with us in Seville, Spain! Going abroad can be scary at first, especially if you’re going alone. However, it’s an experience that makes people grow more and gain new and exciting experiences. Last semester I […]

5 Tips to Improve Homesickness

Homesickness: something that I assume most people studying abroad feel at some point. I always thought that it had to do with how long you’ve been away from home. I’m now realizing that it more so has to do with how long you will be away from home. 3 weeks is not so bad, but […]

No One Wants To Talk About Homesickness

No one wants to talk about homesickness. We avoid the subject because it feels misleading. It creates an impression that we are not having the time of our lives. We are. It sneaks up on you, lightning on a sunny summer day. There’s no real way to describe it—only to experience the shock that comes […]

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