Megan wanted to use actual pumpkins for the two pumpkin pies we were going to be making for our API Thanksgiving Dinner. I admired her courage, while simultaneously not having the slightest clue where one could find two pie-friendly pumpkins in Grenoble. Content to let her handle the pumpkin-acquisition because I was a good bit […]

British Candy Quest

The season of red roses, Cadbury chocolates, and, for some, a little too much Ben and Jerry’s is among us. Happy belated Valentine’s Day, everyone! I sincerely hope you all enjoyed your “Hallmark Holiday” and spent the cliché evening toasting to an infinite love over a glass of champagne, followed by a delicate dessert of […]

“Dank” Fest

My internal clock wakes me up twenty minutes before my alarm sounds. Physically, my body is stuck in limbo somewhere between exhaustion and restlessness. My coffee machine is old, and the brown liquid it produces shouldn’t be confused as legitimate. Nonetheless, I consume the sharp substance for the gusto. Today, I’ll need it. CNN is […]

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