Making A Plan B

Dear Dee, My last trip before leaving for home started horribly. We missed our train and had to pay extra to get there in time for the hotel. Has this ever happened to you? How did you handle it? Because all I did was freak out. Sincerely, PANICKED This situation sounds very familiar. I went […]

Dealing With Stress

Dear Dee, I have gray hair! No, really. I am so stressed as everything is coming to a close this semester. More stressed than I have been in a long time and I am at my breaking point. Have you reached yours? If so, what have you done to overcome all the stress? Sincerely, SERIOUSLY […]

With Sevilla Aglow, It’s Time To Go Home

When Spaniards get together, you can count on it being a merry time, especially when you’re counting candles on a special someone’s birthday. A couple weekends ago I found myself seated at the corner of feast and familial fervor at a white-linened table set with Iberian ham, Manchego cheese, succulent shrimp, roasted red peppers bathed […]

Muchísimas Gracias

Well, the fourth Thursday in November came and went, and no, I didn’t wake up to a giant Snoopy parading down Sixth Avenue in New York, the smell of sausage biscuits getting golden in the oven, vibrant foliage fallen outside my window, or that sentimental holiday atmosphere I’ve come to cherish at home with my […]

Knock in Salamanca, and the door will be opened to you

Ever since making plans to study abroad, Salamanca has been on my list of places to visit in Spain. So last weekend my college roommate Andrea and I hopped on the two o’clock bus headed northwest. After seven or so hours of plush charter comfort and pretty countryside views, we finally arrived at the Castilian […]

Ask Dee: Staying Motivated & Organized

Dear Dee, I had a blast during my fall break! Thanks for all the tips; it was enriching and relaxing because I became so organized in how I planned my adventures! I was hoping you could share some secrets about how you stay motivated and organized after such a long break. After this first week […]

Madre Mía, The Best In Sevilla

It’s a Thursday in late October and here I sit on a wrought iron bench under the shade of an orange tree, facing the statue of some Spanish king and enjoying my tortilla española and the serene scene around me. Bicycle spokes whirring over crunchy leaves, a cool breeze tugging at the folds of my […]

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