Sunsets in Santorini

  After one cancelled flight and spending two nights in the Athens airport, my friends and I finally arrived in Santorini.  We were tired and sore but so excited for warm weather and palm trees.  This weekend has been a nice change from the United Kingdom’s cloudy, rainy weather.  The first place we visited was […]

An Amazing Weekend in Corfu

Looking down on Corfu, Greece from the airplane, I could feel my adrenaline spike from excitement. We were about 5 minutes from landing and I was thinking about how I have never seen such a blue ocean in my life. With buildings of all different colors lining the coast, the panoramic view looked like a […]

The Places You’ll Go

I’m sad to say that half of my time abroad has flown by. It seems like just yesterday I was hugging my family goodbye in the airport. But, if I look back through my pictures and reminisce about memories with friends, a lot has happened since then. A few days ago I met a film […]

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