Study Spanish Language & Culture in Granada [API Program Spotlight]

With options for both study abroad and gap year, plus different housing options to choose from, this program in Granada is easily adaptable to your career and education goals

Why We Do It Wednesday – Kirstin

API employees work tirelessly in the U.S. and abroad to serve our participants and ensure they have the best international experience possible. At API, we all share stories of personal transformation by international experience- we remember our first days abroad, our first meals, and our first international flights. We have these stories of transformation in […]

Eating to Study Abroad or Studying Abroad to Eat?

If I said that food didn’t play a role in my decision to study abroad in Spain, I´d certainly be lying. Although it’s obvious that I came here for more important reasons like improving my language skills and learning about the culture, the geography, and the people, I was also really excited to try some […]

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