Closing out the Semester

After a four months of living in Spain, part of me does just want to go home. Yet, I find myself wishing I could stay in Salamanca for just a little while longer. Yes I do miss my home, my school, and my friends and family, but I was able to find all of that […]

Our Last Goodbye

By far the saddest part about leaving any place, are the goodbyes. However with all my relationships up to this point in my life, there has been a chance, however small, that I will see them again. Studying abroad is different. I won’t say that I’ll never see these friends ever again, but it’s very […]

Bad At Goodbye

I’m leaving Rome tomorrow. I’m sentimental, but not sad, because everything I love about Italy is already inside me. While I’ve made some honest, amazing friendships here, my journey abroad has been highly personal and a kind of inner journey. The idea of study abroad was always vaguely on my horizon- at my school, almost […]

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