Spring Break in Mitteleuropa

Ahh, spring break. The name itself brings with it thoughts of beaches, warm weather, and scarily intense party scenes from corny teen movies. However, for my spring break trip while abroad, I wanted to take the opportunity to see as much of Europe as I could without bringing myself to the point of exhaustion. As […]

Remembering to Study While Studying Abroad

To preface: I love school. I used to cry each year on the last day of school in elementary school because I knew I would miss it so much. As such, I don’t know why I was quite as surprised as I was to discover that an important, and time-consuming, part of studying abroad is, […]

Five Things I Love About Berlin

Over the course of the past several weeks, I have moved to Berlin, adjusted to life with my wonderful Gastfamilie (host family), started both my intensive German language and general content courses at Freie Universität Berlin, learned how to navigate public transportation, and have only gotten lost twice. I have ventured out into the city both […]

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