Getting Out And Exploring

There are many times in Berlin when I’m tired beyond all belief and other times were when I’m so filled with energy I can’t concentrate properly. Those are the days I find myself itching to get out and do something, anything. When I first arrived in Berlin, while I wasn’t afraid to go explore by […]

The Cologne Cathedral and Conquering Fears

My plans for Valentine’s weekend had originally been very typical. I was going to buy some fine German chocolate and spend a nice weekend in with my Netflix account. A week before my plans became finalized, a fellow peer mentioned going to Cologne, Germany to attend an event called Karneval and to just explore the […]

First Impressions, Last Reservations

Before coming to Germany there wasn’t much I was afraid of. Travelling overseas has been a goal of mine since I learned that there were other lands inhabited by people living the same yet very different life that I was. I admit there was some hesitation about what type of host family I would be […]

A Regular Tuesday in Berlin

Berlin keeps getting better and better. As if there isn’t already enough to do on the weekend, there’s a ton more to do during the week as well. Tonight my host mom invited me to join her to an international literature festival being held here at the Berlin Festival Center. But before, we walked through […]

4 Countries in 8 Days or Less

If you’re anything like me, the idea of country hopping is beyond exciting. Before I ever came to study abroad in Spain, I knew I’d want to take one big trip and see more of Europe. Finding the right travel companions for such an endeavor isn’t something easy, and making the decision of where to […]

A Simple Germany Poem

As part of Samantha’s application to the API Campus Advocate program, Samantha chose to share her experience with her grandmother in a most poetic way.  If you’re interested in learning more about sharing your study abroad story with your family, friends, and community, please visit the API Alumni Programming page on our website to learn […]

“Dank” Fest

My internal clock wakes me up twenty minutes before my alarm sounds. Physically, my body is stuck in limbo somewhere between exhaustion and restlessness. My coffee machine is old, and the brown liquid it produces shouldn’t be confused as legitimate. Nonetheless, I consume the sharp substance for the gusto. Today, I’ll need it. CNN is […]

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