Leave Your Stilettos at Home: Clubbing in Berlin

It’s 2 a.m. Back in the United States I would probably be home by now. I’m standing in line at Berghein, anxiously awaiting the infamous Berlin club atmosphere. I’m wearing a high-waisted skirt, flats and a stylish blouse. My first clubbing experience and I’m running on pure excitement and Club Mate, a highly caffeinated soda-like […]

The Little Library

A chief idea behind the study abroad experience is removing yourself from the armor of the “comfort zone.” This armor provides protection from the uncertainty of new surroundings in addition to eliminating the fear of risk. But armor is also stiff, making it more difficult to move freely and organically. In addition to shielding from […]

Taking In Berlin

Over five weeks in Berlin already. I’ve found wonderful bookstores, great little bars and pubs, relaxing spots on the river, lakes and pools to escape the hot summer days, fancy movie theatres, delightful cafes, wonderful sights, out of the way shops, and more. And I’ve not even scratched the surface of what Berlin has to […]

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