Futbol: a lot like studying abroad

Today’s blog post comes to us from API Alumni and John Jay College graduate Miranda Tharp! She studied abroad with us in Barcelona. Today she’s comparing her study abroad experience… to playing futbol in a city that is KNOWN for its futbol! “Your heart is racing, adrenaline running through your body, and then your cleat […]

I Was There

98,759 people. And I was one of them. This past weekend, precisely Saturday, I decided to play around with my luck and attempt to find tickets for one of the biggest soccer games in the world. El Clasico. The challenge itself wasn’t simply trying to get tickets while competing with millions of peoples, but rather […]

Why Fútbol and Sevilla are Near-Synonyms

Spaniards are world-famous for taking their fútbol (soccer, of course) seriously. One might use the term “religiously”, as the stadium for games on Sunday nights is crowded with people as a church pew is crowded on a Sunday morning. And on the afternoon of Sunday October 26th, we Americans took fútbol just as seriously as […]

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