Learn French abroad – Université Grenoble Alpes

So you want to learn a new language like Spanish or French? It can seem like an overwhelming task. It’s especially frustrating trying to learn with no one around to help you practice! That’s why more and more students are taking advantage of opportunities to learn a new language through short-term or intensive month study […]

You Won’t Find These Words in Your Textbook

Listen up everyone–it’s time for a quick vocabulary lesson!  And make sure you take good notes, because you won’t be going over these words in French class anytime soon. Here’s a bit of slang that I picked up while I was studying in Grenoble.  Some of these words and expressions were introduced to me by […]

API program sneak peak – Caen, France

As we prepare for the upcoming fall semester, we wanted to give you a sneak peak to some exciting new API study abroad programs. Today’s installment – the French Language and Culture in Caen, France. Caen is located in the heart of Normandy: a few miles from the coast, the landing beaches, the bustling resort […]

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