World Cup!!!

Who would have imagined that we’d get to watch two World Cup soccer games at Trocadéro right next to the Eiffel Tower! (Trocadéro is an area of Paris located in the 16th arrondissement, and the hill of the Trocadéro is the hill of Chaillot, a former village.)  We were all very excited to have a […]

This is Paris!

To me, Paris is a snail without its shell. The snaking layout of the twenty arrondissements, once hidden behind a sturdy wall of protection, now lies open for the world to explore. Similarly, after a few days of exploring, the seemingly impenetrable aura of the city doesn’t seem so frightening to me anymore. Every part […]

Dining in Paris – A few tips!

The following is from David Lebovitz, a famous pastry chef who lives in Paris and has a wonderful food blog: Visiting and dining in Paris all boils down to one rule: How You Get Treated is Directly Proportional to the Way that you Behave and Present Yourself. So don’t be afraid to dress a […]

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