Are you getting excited about #GoingToParis this summer?! Dreams of croissants and éclairs are starting to fill our heads too! The summer can’t come fast enough. We know you’re going start putting together your Pinterest-worthy outfits, testing your baguette-making skills, and getting your ~trendy~ luggage, so share your pics with us! We all want to […]

API Safety Update – Incident in Southern France

API is aware of the incident that took place today in and around the town of Trèbes in southern France. News reports indicate that a gunman shot several people before taking hostages in a supermarket. The incident has been contained, and local police reportedly killed the gunman.  API’s Caen and Grenoble students are currently participating […]

The Difference between Landing and Arriving

This post comes to us Katherine Sypher from the University of Connecticut currently studying in Paris, France. There’s something special about the exact moment your plane touches down in a new country. A swooping feeling swings your stomach out of place and sets it down roughly in the area directly above your bladder when you […]

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