4 Countries, 3 Days

As my time abroad comes to a close, I find myself busier than ever.  Along with final assignments for class, I planned two trips during my last week: one to Oslo, Norway and another to Ireland and Northern Ireland.  The Ireland trip was planned very last minute as I realized I had free time during […]

Weesp & Amsterdam

For our last weekend abroad, my sister, two friends, and I ventured to Amsterdam.  We stayed just outside of the city in a small town called Weesp.  When we arrived Friday morning, we decided to relax and explore the town.  It’s filled with small shops and restaurants as well as a river lined with houses, […]

Paris, France

My time abroad is quickly disappearing.  With less than two weeks left, I’m reflecting on all the fun things I’ve done and the trips I’ve been on.  One of those trips was Paris, France.  Paris, to me, has always been one of those must-see places and I am so glad I got to see the […]

The Harry Potter Studio Tour

A couple weekends ago we visited the Harry Potter Studios at Warner Bros.  It seems quite hard to find someone who isn’t a fan of Harry Potter in this day and age.  Whether you have read the books or seen the movies or both, you will enjoy this tour.  It gives you an inside look […]

Brighton & Hove

A few weekends ago, I traveled to Brighton with my sister and a couple friends.  We left early in the morning, planning on spending the day by the seaside.  When we arrived, there was a cloudy mist over the ocean and there were a few people out and about.  We walked on the beach, struggling […]

Sunsets in Santorini

  After one cancelled flight and spending two nights in the Athens airport, my friends and I finally arrived in Santorini.  We were tired and sore but so excited for warm weather and palm trees.  This weekend has been a nice change from the United Kingdom’s cloudy, rainy weather.  The first place we visited was […]

Stonehenge & Bath

Not so bright but very early on Saturday morning, a large group of us gathered to board a bus to visit Stonehenge and the Roman Baths.  Our first stop was Stonehenge. Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument of megalithic standards that still has a cloud of mystery around it.  The reason it was built is unknown […]

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