Valentine’s Day & Chinese New Year

Happy Valentine’s Day!  A day designated for love and romance. Being the single lady, you’d think I’d roll my eyes, pull the covers over my head and not want to come out of bed until February 15th when all the chocolates go on clearance…but I actually love this day. In fact, I try to love […]

Reach your Fitness Goals

March is one of my favorite months of the year since the weather gets warmer, days are longer, flowers and tree buds start to bloom, spring break and SXSW spice up Austin, and college basketball’s March madness pumps the adrenaline (Go Terps!) With these hot March highlights along comes the shorts, tanks, and swimsuits—eergh, record […]

Discover China

By Emlyn L., Founder I’m rounding the corner for my final stretch in China, and heading to Shanghai before my return back to the States. I just spent the past 5 days in one of my favorite areas of China- the Guilin/Yangshuo area. This is one of the most aesthetically beautiful parts of China that […]

Five Senses of China

By Emlyn L., Founder Sensation is defined as: “an unprocessed result of stimulation of sensory receptors in the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, or skin.” Perception is defined as: “one’s ultimate experience of the world involving further processing of sensory input.” If human’s perception and experience are determined by our process to translate our sensory stimulation, […]

Playing Favorites to Teach Abroad

Playing Favorites to Teach Abroad by Emlyn Lee, Founder I know parents aren’t supposed to play favorites, yet since I gave birth to C.E., I admittingly have a favorite program…Teaching English abroad. My first international experience back in 1995 was to Teach in China, and it is the foundation of Cultural Embrace’s existence. After I […]

FAQs About Internships Abroad

By Founder Emlyn Lee Happy Fall! This is probably my favorite time of year… the cooler weather, the foliage changing, pumpkin patch picking, and football season. Heck, even for the non-football fans, like me, you can’t beat running errands and not waiting in line during game weekends! But one of my most appreciative part of […]

Jeffrey’s Bay and the Sunshine Coast

By Emlyn Lee, Founder I feel like each day in South Africa gets better and better. We are continuing our drive along Highway N2, as I’m typing offline in the Sunshine Coast. I don’t know enough adjectives to describe this drive….aesthetically, the faultless skies match the crystal blue waters of the Indian Ocean, and in […]

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