Holy Week Around the World – API Blog

For our Christian study abroad students, interns, volunteers, teachers, alumni and friends; we want to wish you a happy early Easter! Today we thought it’d be fun to look at how Holy Week is celebrated around the world. It’s a holiday you can witness for yourself next spring if you study abroad with API! Spain […]

When All Goes Wrong, Don’t Let It

“You should study abroad,” they said. “You’ll see amazing places,” they said. “You’ll make brand new friends,” they said. True…but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, things go wrong when studying abroad. We get mad because we have this dream of our time away being a wonderful oasis of grand moments with fantastic people. It […]

Semana Santa Traditions

I am a true believer that food is the most important part of a culture, besides the language of course. While in America we have the option to choose food from all over the world. You can have Italian, Mexican or Chinese all in the same day if you want. This is an opportunity that […]

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