Strong Like The Duomo

On many warm weekday nights in Florence, you would find me sipping a drink at a local outdoor café within Piazza del Duomo. The warm breeze would put my thoughts to rest and the sight of the towering Duomo that stood before me would make it all seem real. Instead of fresh blue a symmetrical […]

Where I Walk, Bike, Fly, Etc.

Day 19: It’s been a couple weeks since my last post, and a lot has happened. I’ll try to only mention the essential moments of my time here so far in lovely Firenze and make it short and sweet. Classes: My schedule of classes is as follows: Mon: Italian Tuesday: Wine and Culture Wednesday: Workplace […]

I Flew Into A Work Of Art

I have always admired art, especially those pieces of art that portray the beauty of nature. Well, earlier this week I flew into Florence, Italy on a sunny afternoon and not only did the rolling hills, colorful rooftops, and unnaturally vibrant blue sky look like a painting, but it also felt like I was inside […]

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