La Comida: Yummm

I have always enjoyed eating, but since learning that I was fructose intolerant eight years ago, I have become quite a foodie. I can’t continue to eat what I used to because of my eating limitations and travels, so I have become more open to trying new foods. I am going to do a bit […]

Los Especiales = CH + CH

On my very first day in Madrid during orientation, I went to get a very traditional Spanish snack—chocolate con churros. Churros are a type of pastry very similar to fried dough and well, chocolate is chocolate!  In Spain, the two are eaten together. Almost every café I’ve ever walked past has a “Chocolate con churros” […]

Marking Things Off My List

  With only 5 weeks left in the beautiful city of Barcelona and still several things I want to see and do, I decided to make a list.  My weekends and weekdays are now limited with a few last trips around Europe already scheduled in the planner, and midterms and projects have begun to pile […]

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