The Spanish Dialects — a Crash Course in Linguistic Differences

Have you ever heard someone from Britain or Australia say something, and had to stop and think about it for a minute? Dialects can throw you for a loop now and then, and that’s not unique to the English language.  There are some pretty big differences in Spanish, depending on which side of the Atlantic […]

Helpful Tips for Day Trips

It goes without saying that one of the coolest things about being abroad is the opportunity to visit new places.  Aspire by API includes a lot of excursions in its programs, and you will likely make many separate trips with the friends you make overseas.  Use these tips to make the most out of your […]

Does taking a gap year make sense financially? Especially in THIS economy? Well, yeah.

Let’s face it:  money plays a big part in your gap year decision.  It should—the Great Recession may technically be over, but times are a still tough.  And all this talk in Washington about the national debt ceiling has got a lot of us thinking about our own personal debt ceilings.  Is taking a year […]

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