The “Perfect” Balance – API Blog

Today’s blog post comes to us from UW-La Crosse student & API blogger Savannah Stanley. She’s studying abroad with us this semester in San Jose, Costa Rica. Let’s start by saying that there is no such thing as a perfect balance. There’s no such thing as “perfect,” period. Of course, this is my personal belief […]

Fading in Between Worlds – API Blog

Today’s blog post comes to us from Virginia Commonwealth University student and API blogger Khaalis Smithers, who is studying abroad with us in San Jose, Costa Rica! I would love to say that my experience thus far in Costa Rica has been one full of rewards and renewal. However, that would be a complete devaluement of […]

Jacó, Costa Rica – API Blog

Today’s post comes to us from UW-LaCrosse student and Spring 2019 student blogger Savannah Stanley! She’s studying abroad with API in San José, Costa Rica. She’s only been there a couple weeks, but she’s already gone on some adventures! Today we’re hearing about her weekend trip to Jacó, Costa Rica. Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words Pictures […]

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