Overheard on the Streets of Cork

  You may think that students who study in Cork don’t have to deal with a language barrier, but you would be mistaken.  The Irish do speak English, of course, but they have their own phrases and sayings that make their dialect unique.   Here are just a few examples of some terms that former students […]

Do You Have the Gift of Gab?

With a history that stretches back thousands of years before the Common Era, it’s no surprise that Ireland is a land rich in folklore and mythology.  You’ve probably heard about the cunning leprechauns that will give you a pot of gold if you can catch them, and the banshees that wail into the night.  But […]

#studyabroad as a marketable asset

By Rachael Boggia Rachael studied with API in Cork, Ireland during the fall 2009 term, and is currently serving as an API Peer Mentor at Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire.   Study abroad is a marketable experience to employers because the skills learned abroad make one more adaptable and stronger in a professional environment. […]

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