Time of My Life

Although every student’s experience is different, nearly everyone who’s studied abroad will tell you that their time overseas taught them invaluable lessons–things they wouldn’t have learned in a classroom.  Here’s one example from the pages of Molly’s study abroad blog, in which she describes what she realized after spending a day at the Cliffs of […]

API Video Challenge Winners – Summer 2012!

Thank you to all students who entered the API Video Challenge – we were thoroughly impressed with the videos and had a tough time in selecting the winners. With this said, we are pleased to announce the winners of our Video Challenge! 1st Place: Parker Mitchell from the University of Tampa. Check out his video about […]

Study Abroad as a Marketable Experience

There are many reasons students choose to study abroad—whether it’s for a few weeks during the summer, or for one or two semesters on a gap year.  Some want to improve their foreign language skills, while others are looking to discover their heritage.   For some, it’s a combination of several reasons.  Regardless of why you […]

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