Off to Colombia

I got lucky. I got really lucky. During my senior year at Southern Oregon University, I was able to study abroad at Universidad Veritas in Costa Rica through Academic Programs International. After spending a semester steeping in the pura vida ethos of Costa Rica, I returned to the U.S., graduated with a B.S. in Psychology, and landed […]

It’s time to start thinking about teaching in Colombia next spring!

API is excited to announce that our popular teach abroad in Colombia program is once again offering placements beginning in January/February 2017, with both 5-6-month and full-year placements available)! This opportunity is offered in conjunction with the Colombian Ministry of Education and the National Service of Learning (SENA) organization. English training is an important step to […]

City of the Eternal Spring: Medellín

Why Didn’t Anyone Warn Us? I’ve been looking forward to going to this city since I decided to come to Colombia. It did not disappoint…in fact it exceeded my expectations in many ways, but this weekend excursion did not start off well. I like bus rides; actually, I love them. There’s nothing better than sitting […]

But…There’s Too Much to See!

Something for Everyone Is it possible to be bored with Colombia? I’d say no…definitely not. There’s mountains and deserts and cloud forests and beaches and the list goes on! My first thought upon arriving in Colombia was that there was no way that five and half months was going to cut it here. We teach […]

Meet Sam, currently teaching in Colombia

Age: 22 Hometown: Baltimore, MD, USA College / Major: Communications Major, University of Alabama Hobbies: Here are some things that I really enjoy doing: Running and staying fit – it gives me energy to make my day as positive as possible! Making art – I am really into working with ceramic tile, especially to make […]

The Yin and Yang of Colombia

All work… Orientation in Bogotá was a whirlwind. We were busy I think 12 out of 14 days but now that I’ve been in Colombia for about three months (what?!), I still look back on those two weeks with the fondest of memories. We spent a lot of time learning different teaching strategies and cultural […]

API Teach in Colombia Participant Profile – Haley

Today we’re happy to profile one of API’s teach in Colombia participants – Haley C. Age: 23 Hometown: Rochester, NY, USA College/Major: SUNY Geneseo. Majored in Spanish and minored in International Relations with a concentration in Sociology. Hobbies/Interests: Yoga, reading, hiking, baking, running, travel, and volunteering. Favorite Place: Budapest, hands down! Prior teaching experience/working with […]

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