Advocating For International Education

Graduation is right around the corner and I can’t believe it’s been a year and half since I studied abroad in Paris, France with Academic Programs International (API). I still hold fresh memories of those incredible days in Paris, but what has really helped to incorporate my French experience into part of the everyday life […]

An Unusual Reading List for Paris

Time has never in my life seemed as slippery as it has in Paris. My days left in this lovely city can already be marked by single digits. It is true that the brevity of my stay in Paris has been partly my fault because I have tried to travel around Europe as much as […]

A Week without a Laptop in Paris

As of today, I have officially survived an entire week without my laptop in Paris. Sounds intimidating, right? As a 21st century technophile, I couldn’t imagine not having my smartphone, my tablets and most importantly my laptop all connected to the hopefully fast internet right next to me when I am at home. I hate […]

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