A Mother’s Wisdom [API Blog]

This story, from the jump, gets a huge shout out to my host mother who always always always encouraged me to go out and explore the city (“para conocer” (so that I can get to know it more) so I wouldn’t regret not having gone out at the end of my stay.

My Fatalistic Relationship with Dance [API Blog]

As I look to the prospect of having to go back to the United States and face a cold snowless winter, I want to squeeze in some last bits of analysis on my experience here and share with you all what I’ve learned.

Shoutout to API for saving my trip to Atacama [API Blog]

There was something compelling about feeling connected to a group of long lost ancestors, even with all our modern trappings, by finding some form of diversion in looking at the sky. To imagine that, from a material perspective, we are the universe observing itself. That was really cool.

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