Happy Lunar New Year – API Blog

Happy Lunar New Year! Chinese families around the world are celebrating the Spring Festival and ushering in the Year of the Pig. Of course, every family’s traditions are different. But many families celebrate the Chinese New Year with dumplings, mandarin oranges, red envelopes, spring cleaning, and fireworks! As we usher in the year of the […]

Valentine’s Day & Chinese New Year

Happy Valentine’s Day!  A day designated for love and romance. Being the single lady, you’d think I’d roll my eyes, pull the covers over my head and not want to come out of bed until February 15th when all the chocolates go on clearance…but I actually love this day. In fact, I try to love […]

Happy New Year China Style

By Matt W., Teach in China Participant Hello everyone and 新年快乐! (happy new year!) Anyways to my Dad’s request here is a new blog post, and the first from China! I have met the others in China: Lucy from Wales, Weis from Holland, Holly from London, Jarone form Holland and Isaac from Wales. Nice group of people. I had images of […]

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