My time at the panda center is coming to a close. I have been here four days now and I will say it has been a pretty amazing experience. The highlight of my trip was probably when I was taking pictures for a girl and a one and a half year old panda crawled up […]

It’s Panda Time

Today is my first day at the Panda Center. It is AWESOME! We woke up and had a typical Chinese breakfast, steam bread and rice. After eating, we went to where the pandas stay. We were assigned to the breeding center. My partners in crime this week are Anna and Chen. The pandas are so […]

Monkey Business

By Chris S., CE Adviser in China I woke up this morning looking forward to another bowl of porridge. To my delight, it was accompanied by a piece of rice bread. As I looked around, I noticed that some of the children had similar rolls, but with meat and vegetable filling. I was a little […]

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