Shoutout to API for saving my trip to Atacama [API Blog]

There was something compelling about feeling connected to a group of long lost ancestors, even with all our modern trappings, by finding some form of diversion in looking at the sky. To imagine that, from a material perspective, we are the universe observing itself. That was really cool.

Study Abroad in Santiago [API Program Spotlight]

Founded in 1541 and nestled between the Andes Mountains, Santiago is a great study abroad destination for students interested in business, history or the outdoors.

Resilience in Chile [API Blog]

Today’s blog post is written by API’s Senior Vice President of Organizational Policy and Student Success, Courtney Greene. For a full statement regarding the ongoing situation in Chile, please click here. I have long said that I would be more than happy to move to Chile if I could live abroad.  Having had the fortune […]

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