Here’s Why You Should Start Planning Your Study Abroad Early

Gather ‘round children! Today I have a very important public service announcement for all of you who may have thought, even a tiny little bit, that research and planning for your study abroad trip isn’t important because things “should just work themselves out”.

Looking Back on Studying Abroad

Today’s blog post comes to us from Texas A&M student & API alumni Jane Turchi! She studied abroad with API in Valparaíso, Chile earlier this summer and took part in our Student Blogger Program. What I’ll remember from study abroad Cachai, bacán and palta. These are just three of the many words I have learned […]

The Terremoto that did(n’t) Happen [API Blog]

For some context, this is my first time ever going out of the country. Leading up to this moment I have always, always, always heard about study abroad students experiencing this “culture shock”.

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