No más tarea!

By Caroline M., CE Adviser in Chile I’m done!!!! Well, now that graduation is over (sans tripping on stage!), I have left the thriving metropolis that is Waco for the browner pastures of West Texas. Whereas most of my friends are currently soaking in some summer sun, I am buried in a mountain of LSAT books. […]

¡Graduación y Empanadas!

By Caroline M., CE Adviser in Chile Yes, it’s true: I’m finished with finals! Glory hallelujah! I even managed to make all A’s, with the exception of a B in that pesky Spanish Grammar class that I was complaining about in my previous post (I will forever despise the subjunctive tense.) All that’s left is to […]

Sobre mi vida…

By Caroline M., CE Teach in Chile ¡Hola! Well, as promised, the level of procrastination in my studies has significantly increased as the number of days before graduation has decreased. Since I am currently putting off studying the subjunctive verb tense in Spanish (a topic which I repeatedly have nightmares about), I’ll take this opportunity to […]

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