Teaching in Chile with Carolyn McCurdy

By Caroline M., CE Adviser in Chile ¡Estoy aquí! After a 3 hour flight from Dallas to Atlanta, a 3 hour layover, and a 10 hour flight to Santiago, I finally got here yesterday! And it’s cold. Really cold. Right now it’s about 46˚ and tonight it’s supposed to get down to 28˚. And it’s raining. […]

Simon Dice Toca Tu Nariz…Otra Vez

By Caroline M., CE Adviser in Chile Today is my 23rd birthday. Yes, it’s my first birthday away from the States, but I have a feeling that I won’t be feeling any homesickness because of it. My host family has decided to throw me a party tomorrow with tacos because they know how much I love […]

Conces a Miley Cyrus

By Caroline M., CE Adviser in Chile Well, since my last update a lot has happened. Firstly (and most importantly) I found out my placement. I’m in Iquique (woot!) and really like it so far. I’ve been here a week and am definitely relieved to be out of the hostel. When I got here my host […]

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