A Tale of Two B’s

After living and spending time in both Central and Eastern Europe, I decided to switch it up and head to Western Europe last weekend into Barcelona’s warm embrace. With me living in Budapest right now, it was only fitting for me to jet set off to another major city with the same beginning consonant. Not […]

A Romanian Romance

My weekend in Romania resembles much of a love story. Just a warning: it is your typical love story. Typical if you’ve ever travelled anywhere and fell hopelessly in love with the places you visit. With most love stories, things can get sticky. And things got sticky when I encountered my first love triangle this […]

Being a Pest in Budapest

Alas! I have finally made it and survived my first week in Hungary! Having never flown to another country, nevertheless a whole other continent, it was nerve-wracking but I quickly overcame my pre-departure jitters. I never imagined myself falling in love with Budapest so fast. It still feels surreal to me that I am living […]

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