Gracias Por Ser Un Amigo

It’s raining here in Bergenfield, NJ and I just got done with a small lunch at noon. Clearly, I am no longer in Madrid. It’s been almost 5 months since I felt like this: Now, it’s the last post. If I go by the book, I should write a mesmerizing passage that paints a beautiful […]

Spanish Sports: More than just a ‘GOOOAL!’

Back in the states I am a sportscaster. It would be a gross injustice if I didn’t have a single blog post on sporting life here in Madrid. I move from the pitch, to the clay, to the…rivers? Read on as I give you a small take on what to expect from the competitive adrenaline […]

One Way: Why I Chose to Learn Spanish

Look, I get it. I know why the subjunctive tense is…complicated…at least until you learn it. It’s easy to feel we only need English in our lives. I was there. I hated, and I mean HATED Spanish class growing up. And now I’m studying the language in Spain. So what happened? Read on. BANG! I […]

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